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Secure Credential Storage Now Available!

U.S. Notary Association is excited to release our Notary Vault! As a member of U.S. Notary Association, you can now upload and securely store all of your notary credentials in one place. As part of our Notary Vault release, we will soon be providing the ability to share your credentials with clients you select, right from your profile. Also, in anticipation of our planned certification initiative, experienced associates will review and approve your documents. 

If you are experiencing a slow-down in your notary business due to COVID-19 ramifications, now is a great time to log in, review and update your profile and upload your documents. As mentioned in our Facebook and LinkedIn posts yesterday, now is also a great time to get RON Certified, if allowable in your state.

Coming soon - Notary Ledger, a tool to assist with keeping track of the important elements of your notary business such as client name, mileage, fee, etc. We are still offering free membership, so share this information with your personal notary community today. Stay safe!

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In the spirit of transparency, I would love to see (company) membership in lieu of "certification", which only means that one choose another company for the background screenings and/or examinations. According to SPW requirements, no one company holds a monopoly on the standards and certification definitely means a notary bought their services from one particular company.
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 ·

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