Why Become a Notary Public?

What is a notary public?

“A notary public is an official who is commissioned to witness the signing of legal documents. There are over six million notaries in the U.S. Their duties include screening the signers of documents such as deeds, wills and powers of attorney to make sure that the signer is properly identified. A notary helps to prevent identity theft and protect consumers.” What Is a Notary Public? by Rosemary Terpolilli, ChFC, CLU, CRPC.  A notary public is an important part of his or her community and is pivotal in facilitating the transactions and contracts that underpin our economy.

How do you become a notary public?

The requirements to become a notary public differ by state. Some states require only that you register and pay for your commission. Others require training and testing. Visit our Resources tab to learn the requirements for your state. Once you have your commission, join U.S. Notary Association and industry groups and chats for mentoring and referrals.

How do you make money as a notary public?

Ways to make money doing general notary work (from the U.S. Notary Association blog 2/22/2020):

1. Introduce yourself and hang your business card (if possible) at local shipping companies. People still expect to find notary services at these types of facilities, but many have stopped offering them. Make these people aware of your availability and ask for referrals! 

2. Offer your services and request referrals at your local library. Brick and mortar libraries are still a vital community resource in many areas.

3. Speak to local community clubs like The Elks, The Moose Lodge, the VFW. the AMVETS or The Eagles and offer your services to members. Offer discounted travel fees to Veterans.

4. Contact your local hospital concierge department. Patients frequently need to have last-minute documents notarized prior to an unexpected procedure or surgery or are hospitalized longer than anticipated and need to complete routine tasks. Make sure to mark your profile to include Hospital notarizations when you register with U.S. Notary Association.

5. Use a link to your Digital Business Card (included with your registration) in the footer of your emails to friends, family and associates. 

Ways to make money doing loan signings:

Start by reviewing the Code of Conduct and the Signing Presentation Guidelines at Sign up with listing sites such as U.S. Notary Association and make sure you have a complete profile shown. You want to say something about yourself and your business that makes you stand out to signing services, title and escrow companies. You can also sign up directly with signing services and title companies in some cases.

The critical part of making money as a notary public is to make sure you are trained to do the job you accept the right way, check all your work, and solicit repeat and referral business. Repeat business is the key. If you have any questions about becoming a notary public, please comment on this blog and a U.S. Notary Association partner will be happy to help!

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