Check out this simple way to save time and money

Picture this: Business is going great, you are getting notarization requests right and left. You drive 30 minutes to assist a new client, who seems to be in a hurry. As you complete each document, you quickly look it over and then move on to the next notarization. When you have finished the notarizations, you are confident that you have completed each document correctly, collect your fee, shake your client's hand and leave. 

Just before you are ready to leave your office for the evening, the client you assisted earlier calls and states that his lawyer noted that you missed a stamp on one of the docs. 


Now, instead of going home, you have another hour drive to correct your error, and no fee to show for it. Not to mention the decreased likelihood of a referral from either your client or his lawyer. 

Does this scenario sound familiar?

We all know that checking and double-checking our work is critical to success. Sometimes, though, there seem to be good reasons to skip that step. It is never a good idea. The few minutes you take to do that double-check will almost always save you time and money in the long run. It's that simple. 

Have you had experiences similar to this? We would love to hear about them! 

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